Irrigation Installation and Repair

At Oak Hill Lawn and Landscape, our irrigation installation and repair service will give you the beautiful landscape that you have always wanted without having to lift a finger.

Oak Hill Irrigation Installation and Repair

Our irrigation installation and repair service allows us to put the exact amount of water on your lawn and landscape. So, there's no need to water unnecessary areas and we save you money.

Not only we will save you money, but we will save you lots of time as well. When you water your lawn manually you aren't just putting water on your grass, but on the street and sidewalks.



Our sprinkler repair contractors don’t think anyone should have to wake up to a dead, brown, lawn. When you contact Oak Hill Lawn and Landscape for professional sprinkler repair, you’ll get an experienced and trained irrigation professional at your door who has all the tools and equipment necessary for most sprinkler repair jobs.

Oak Hill Lawn and Landscape is prepared to do what it takes to keep your lawn looking green throughout the year. We deliver sensible solutions that will provide solutions for many years without constant worry and maintenance. Let’s face it, you have more important things to do than to spend your weekends watching your grass grow.

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A broken lawn sprinkler system can waste more money than most of your average breakdowns. Although your sprinkler system is designed to be on for only a few minutes each day, a broken sprinkler system that is leaking for days can waste an incalculable quantity of water with disastrous consequences for your lawn.

At Oak Hill Lawn and Landscape, our sprinkler installation and repair services can help you start saving water today with a best in class, fully functioning, and automated system.

By installing a new lawn sprinkler system, you won’t have any of the waste associated with overwatering or renovating a damaged lawn.  Ensuring your lawn keeps up with environmental changes such as rain and humidity is a piece of cake when we install rain sensors and installing a drip irrigation system for smaller yards can take even less water and effort to keep your plants and landscape looking green.



If having a lawn that is completely cared for at all times of the year, contact the leading and most importantly, trusted, lawn care team in Tampa, Lakeland and Orlando today!


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